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Copy, Print, Scan

The Libraries provides photocopiers and laser printers for users to make a copy of documents for the purposes of research, private study, criticism or review. All photocopying and printing must comply with the Copyright Law and Guidelines. 



Self-service photocopiers operate on a quota-based system, uPrint. They are available in the Main and branch libraries. These photocopiers produce single or double-sided copies and offer facilities for text enlargement or reduction. Automatic feeder is also available in some photocopiers at various locations for the convenience of loose leaf copying.

See how to make copies.




Laser Printing (from public access workstations in Libraries)

A number of uPrint operated networked printers and copiers are installed in the Main and Branch Libraries. These machines allow both black and white and colour printing.

See how to print to a network printer.


Laser Printing (from portable computers via WiFi)

A number of multi-functional copiers from the Libraries will allow wireless printing. Students can send print jobs to these copiers from their portable computers by using WiFi technology.

See how to use WiFi printing.



Location of copiers and printers

Floor Location Printer
Print Copy
B&W Colour Wi-Fi B&W Colour
G/F New Wing 1    
1/F New Wing 13      
Old Wing 15    
2/F Old Wing 5    
New Wing 11      
3/F New Wing L3-4    
Old Wing L3-2      
4/F Old Wing 17    
5/F Old Wing 24    
6/F Old Wing 20    


Purchase Printing Units

Library users can purchase or top up printing units using the uPrint App  (HKU staff/students only) or at any Add Value Machines with an Octopus card (all users) in the Libraries. AVMs can be found next to 2/F Lending Services Counter and 3/F Techonology Zone. The cost is HK$3 for 10 units or HK$30 for 100 units.

See how to purchase printing units at AVM.

Library users who have no HKU Portal account please use Add Value Machines (AVM) inside libraries for adding printing units to their accounts.

  • For user who holds library facility card, either the card or library account (for logon) can be used for adding printing units.
  • For user who does not hold library facility card, e.g. JULAC user, only library account can be used for adding printing units.
  • For visitors, a temporary printing account can be borrowed at the Lending Services Counter. He/she needs to pay HK$100 as a deposit first. Any balance will be refunded according to the actual expense of printing/photocopying.


Important notes for the uPrint System:

  • All uPrint printing units are NOT refundable or transferable. Library users are advised to purchase the printing units as required (minimum HK$3/transaction).
  • uPrint is supported within the HKU Campus Network, For connection via WiFi, please connect using "HKU". "Wi-Fi.HK via HKU"  and "eduroam" DO NOT support uPrint service.


Paper Size Simplex Printing/Copying
Per Page
Duplex Printing/Copying
Per Page
B/W (A4) $0.3 or 1 unit $0.2 or 0.67 unit
Color (A4) $1.5 or 5 units $1.0 or 3.33 units
B/W (A3) $0.5 or 1.67 units $0.3 or 1 unit
Color (A3) $3.0 or 10 units $2.0 or 6.67 units



Scanners are available at 2/F and Level 3 of the Main Library.

Paper Size Scanner Location
A3 Flatbed Scanner 2/F New Wing (Self-services Collection Room)
Level 3 Technology Zone (Computer nos. 66, 73)
A4 Express Scanner
(Scan to Email / USB)
2/F New Wing (Self-services Collection Room)
Level 3 (Next to the e-Newspaper workstation)
Flatbed Scanner Level 3 Technology Zone (Computer nos. 61-63, 67, 76, 78, 81)
Sheet-fed Scanner Level 3 Technology Zone (Computer nos. 64, 69-70, 74-75)


The scanning feature is also available on the following uPrint copiers in Libraries.

Location Printer Number
G/F New Wing 23
1/F Old Wing 33
2/F New Wing 30
2/F Old Wing 5
5/F Old Wing 24
6/F Old Wing 20

See how to scan to email.


Copyright Law

It should be noted that photocopying and printing facilities provided by the University Libraries are offered on the clear understanding that copying by or for library users does not involve any breach of copyright.

Staff and students should observe and comply with the current legislation on copyright in Hong Kong. Please visit the website on Copyright in Teaching and Learning @ HKU, where you will find various guidelines and regulations relating to copyright adopted within this University. Teaching staff wishing to reproduce reading materials for their students may wish to consult the information specifically on Copying for teaching, such as Guidelines for Photocopying of Printed Works by Not-for-profit Educational Establishments from Intellectual Property Department.

The HKU Libraries, under the auspices of the HUCOM Inter-Institutional Task Force on Reprographic Rights Licensing on Course Packs, is responsible for the administration of course pack production at this University. Course pack is a compilation of photocopied extracts of licensed materials in support of a course of study. Such course packs may either be in print or electronic format. For more details, please visit the Course Pack website, or contact the Media Services (Email:; Tel: 3917 7007).


Any photocopying to be made in this Library can only be used for the purposes of research, private study, criticism or review. In case any unauthorized photocopying takes place, this Library has the right to disallow immediately the user from making any copy and shall hold the user liable on an indemnity basis for any claims, liabilities, costs and damages this Library and/or the University of Hong Kong may suffer as result of such infringement. As a reminder to these copyright guidelines, a warning notice is posted near the photocopiers in the Libraries.