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Location of Library Materials

The Yu Chun Keung Medical Library book and audio-visual materials are classified and shelved according to the Dewey Classification scheme (western collection) and Library of Congress Classification scheme (Chinese collection). Journals are arranged alphabetically by title. Call numbers and location symbols on spine labels are adhered to each item for identification of the item.

The location symbols for the Library are as follows;

M Book Collection
MH Historical collection
MLB Large book collection
MP Pamphlet collection
MR Reference Collection
MRS Abstracts/Indexes
MRX Old reference books in remote storage
MS Journal collection
MSX Old journals in remote storage
MW WHO collection
MX Old book collection in remote storage


Western medical books are arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification scheme. The more current and heavily-used titles are shelved in open stacks on G/F. Large books which cannot be accommodated on normal shelves are kept at the end of the collection. Older, less utilized stock is housed in off-campus storage facility. These can be retrieved by submitting a request through Find@HKUL.



Journals are arranged alphabetically by title in compact shelving on the G/F. Pre-1981 bound volumes and some non-current sets are kept in storage, and can be retrieved by submitting a request through Find@HKUL. Electronic full-text access to a large number of journals is available via Find@HKUL. Detailed information about specific titles in the journal collection can be obtained through Find@HKUL.

Listings of current journals arranged by title and by subject have been compiled and may be accessed via the Library web page.


Chinese Medicine Collection

Our rapidly growing collection of Chinese medicine books are classified according to Library of Congress Classification scheme and are shelved on the Mezzannine Floor. Chinese medical journals are shelved in compact shelving while pre- 1996 volumes are stored off-site in Storage. Electronic books, journals and databases on Chinese medicine are accessible via Find@HKUL.


Reserve Collection

Course-related textbooks, readings, reference works and course notes recommended by academic staff are available for short loan or in-house use. These are kept behind the Yu Chun Keung Medical Library Information Counter. Electronic reserve with access to online articles is also available via Find@HKUL. Teaching staff may request online for materials to be placed on reserve.


Electronic Resources

A wide range of electronic resources on medical and health sciences is available including journal article databasese-books and e-journals, and audio-visual resources. E-resources can be accessed anywhere, anytime with internet access. All are available via the Libraries homepage under Electronic Resources.


Media Resources

The collection is shelved on the G/F. Resources in electronic format, e.g. anatomy / diagnostic images, are accessible via Find@HKUL.


World Health Organization (WHO) Depository Collection

The Yu Chun Keung Medical Library receives, as a depository, major WHO publications, including those produced by various regional offices. WHO books bear a blue WHO spine label and are shelved in a separate sequence on G/F adjacent to the Photocopy Room. WHO pamphlets, large books and journals are shelved in the compact shelving. A link to the WHO web site where the full text of the latest news, reports and documents can be accessed online.


Past Exam Papers

Past Medical Faculty examination papers can be found in the MRS section of the compact shelving. They may also be downloaded from EXAMBASE, an online image database of past examination papers of the University of Hong Kong.



Pamphlets are shelved behind the counter and may be borrowed for short term loan at the Counter.


Medical Staff Publications

Printed staff publications including books, reports, and bound volumes of earlier papers are shelved at the Reference Section. Copies of online staff publications can also be searched and viewed in HKU Scholars Hub.


Leisure Reading

A small collection of popular books, magazines and newspapers for leisure reading is available on the mezzanine floor adjacent to the Faculty Reading Area.