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Personal Information Collection Statement

The University of Hong Kong Libraries

This is a statement to inform you of your rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

  1. Personal information is provided by you as an applicant through the completion of application procedures and forms designated for various purposes, e.g. for access to the Libraries, for the issuance of your library card, and for provision of library facilities or services. Data collected are used specifically for the purposes prescribed in the application forms and will serve:
    1. as evidence for verification of the applicant's identity and other information; and
    2. where applicable, as part of the applicant's official library records.

    In the case of 1 (b) above, information so incorporated into library records will be used for all purposes relating to the users’ eligibility to services as required by the relevant regulations and procedures of the University.

  2. Personal data will be kept confidential and handled by the Libraries’ staff members. The Libraries may transfer some of the data to an agent or other persons appointed to undertake some of its functions related to service provision.
  3. Under the provisions of the Ordinance, you have the right to request the Libraries to ascertain whether it holds your personal data, to be given a copy, and to apply for correction of the data, if deemed incorrect.
  4. Applications for access to and correction of personal data should be made in writing and on payment of a fee if necessary. Such applications as well as requests for information should be addressed to the Personal Data Protection Coordinators, The University of Hong Kong Libraries.