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FAQs for New Library Membership Scheme for HKU Graduates

(effective from 1 September 2022)


Q1: Why are we introducing a fee structure starting in 2022?  

A: As a public university, we are funded by the government for undergraduate students' and research postgraduates’ studies. We do not have funding to provide services to the graduates. Due to the cost pressure we face in recent years, we need to make this difficult decision to ensure the long term sustainability and success of the library. 


Q2: When will the new fee take effect?  

A: The new membership fee will take effect starting 1 September 2022: 

User Category Discount
Borrower’s card holders with a library deposit 3-years membership between 1 September 2022 and 31 August 2025 by offsetting the library deposit.
HKU BEA credit card holders with a waiver of library deposit Please consider submitting an online application for HKU Graduate Membership.
Reader’s card holders
Circle of Friends (HKU Graduate Platinum) card holders
New applicants


Q3: How do we determine the new fee?  

A: The fee has taken into account our associated operating costs and charges for similar services by other local and international institutions. 


Q4: What will the money be used for?  

A: Every dollar of membership fees will be channeled into a special fund to cover the cost of essential services, including subscription costs of our print and e-resources, preservation of rare and unique collections, improved digital experiences and services for alumni, etc.


Q5: What if my reader's card/borrower's card already expired? 

A: You can submit online application for the new membership scheme now.


Q6: I am a current borrower’s card holder with a library deposit. What shall I do?  (Updated 25 Aug 2022)

A: No action is required if you opt for automatic membership renewal. Your privileges will be automatically upgraded with the new membership scheme for three years from 1 September 2022 until 31 August 2025 by offsetting the deposit.  

To support the future development of the Libraries, you may also consider a donation of your library deposit if the automatic membership renewal is not needed.

If you opt for refund of the library deposit, please submit a complete application form together with your library card in person at Enquiries Counter (2/F, Main Library) or by mail to: Lending Services and Learning Environments, Main Library, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road (ATTN: Refund of library deposit).


Q7: I am a graduate library card holder but I didn’t receive any notification about the new membership scheme. What shall I do?   

A: We have notified all current users about the new membership scheme via email or by post. However, the contact information of some card holders on the library system may be outdated or no longer valid. Please send your full name, library card number and up-to-date/valid contact information to Email-A-Librarian (To: Library membership). We will provide you details on how to join the new membership scheme based on your membership category.   


Q8: I am a graduate of 2022. Do I need to apply for the new graduate card? (Updated 30 July 2022)

A: You do not need to apply for the 2022-23 membership. Please note that the extension of Facility Access for the Class of 2022 graduates is confirmed. Details can be found on news and announcements on library homepage. 


Q9. I will not renew my graduate card. Can I get back the remaining uPrint printing units in my account? (Updated 6 July 2022) 

A: As stated in the conditions, please note that all uPrint printing units are NOT refundable.


For other enquiries, please contact Lending Services and Learning Environments at Email-A-Librarian (To: Library membership).