Service Standards

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Service Standards

The University of Hong Kong Libraries Service Standards


Our Mission

The University of Hong Kong Libraries shares with the University its aspiration to attain international distinction.  To support the University’s endeavours we work collaboratively across the institution to build, preserve and facilitate access to resources required, provide services that enable resource discovery and application, as well as create diverse physical and virtual environments conducive to different learning styles and intellectual exchange.


Our Commitment

We vow to provide all library users with a high level of service that will always be courteous, friendly, helpful and fair. In meeting your information needs we will be professional, accurate, responsive and timely.


Our Service Standards

Specifically under normal circumstances we will:

  • Acquire and provide access to world-class information resources up to research level and consistent with an agreed collection development policy.
  • Acquire resources (from order to shelf-ready) within three months for normal material and within one month for urgent material in most normal circumstances. Many variables prevent us performing in this timeframe in 100% of occasions.
  • Ensure that the Find@HKUL system will be available at least 98% of the time. Any necessary downtime for maintenance will be scheduled, whenever possible, outside of the Libraries open hours. We will respond to equipment faults within 24 hours of reporting.
  • Serve you at our counters in less than three minutes in 90% of occasions.
  • When available, answer telephone calls within three rings for individual's phones; five rings for shared phones. If your call is directed to voicemail we will respond to your message promptly, normally within the next working hour.
  • Place materials in Reserve within three working days of receipt of the request if the material is readily available.
  • Shelve returned material within two working days during weekdays.
  • Provide photocopying and printing facilities to allow reproduction of material within copyright restrictions.
  • Deliver material held in remote storage to your Library of choice within one working day of your request being received.
  • Fulfill interlibrary loan requests for authorised users within 4 working days for material held locally and within three weeks for material only available overseas. As the fulfilment of interlibrary loans relies largely on the priorities of the lending library we will strive to meet these standards for at least 90% of requests.
  • Search for missing items within two working days of them being reported missing. At the end of this search you will be notified of the result. In the event that the item cannot be located we will continue to search for it over a further period of three weeks. If the item still cannot be located it will be purchased.
  • Ensure that our physical environment will be conducive to research and learning and will be clean, comfortable and safe.
  • Work in partnership with faculty to develop relevant training programmes in library usage and information literacy. We will attempt to schedule all faculty requests for such training at Faculty's request.



Your Responsibilities

In order for us to successfully achieve these standards we require help from all Library users. Specifically we ask that you:

  • Comply with all Library Regulations and notices.
  • Treat library staff and other library users in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • Provide us with thorough and accurate information.
  • Treat library materials, equipment and facilities with due care and report any faults to staff.
  • Develop independence as a library user by attending library classes, courses and orientation and using the guides produced by library staff.
  • Renew or return library materials before the due date.
  • Follow instructions and directions of library staff.
  • Provide us with feedback so we can improve our performance where necessary.



The University of Hong Kong Libraries is committed to delivering quality services and to improving these whenever possible. In order to assist us with this we encourage you to give us feedback on any of our services. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Completing the Comments and Suggestions form on our Web page
  • Speaking to the member of staff with whom you are dealing.
  • Speaking to the member of staff's supervisor.
  • Completing the Library's user survey.
  • Writing to the Librarian (c/o Main Library, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Rd).